I have the best parents in the world.

Besides the fact that they put up with me for the past 5 weeks (and 32 years), this long weekend in Rome was absolutely wonderful, thanks to them.

Yesterday, Mom and I took the girls on the tram–something we’ve been promising to Charlotte for a month. We rode it just down the street to the Museum of Modern Art, where there is a really nice little restaurant and cafe. We had pizza romana (little sandwiches made with foccaccia–why aren’t all sandwiches made this way?) and cappuccino, and then took the tram back to our neighborhood.


When we got home, Dad had cleaned the apartment and was busy in the kitchen making homemade pasta.


The end result, a goat’s cheese and basil ravioli, was the best damn ravioli I have ever tasted.


But that was not all. Dad also baked a delicious chocolate cake (and this was just 24 hours after he made the best Malva pudding ever) and Mom frosted it with cream cheese frosting.


They invited Svilena, a friend of theirs who we go out with sometimes.


I opened my unexpectedly spectacular birthday gift: a Furla bag! And in such a great color!


It was a wonderful early birthday party.


But THAT was not all, either. Today, Mom took the girls to Villa Borghese so I could get highlights and a haircut. I feel refreshed and ready to get on that plane tomorrow with the kids.

Like I said, I have the best parents in the world.

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