First impressions

We made it to Addis, and I am too tired to write much, but so far we love it here. When we landed, I was surprised by how beautiful it was. Green and lush, with mountains as a backdrop, and colorful signs, buildings, and flowers. Sure, it is a world away from South Africa… but not in a bad way. Our house is wonderful–lots of nooks and crannies for Charlotte to explore, and lots of interesting touches (I think I already mentioned the pink guest bathroom).

We are a couple of blocks away from an adorable cupcake shop (the cupcakes are not great, but Charlotte didn’t seem to mind). 20131016-DSC_145020131016-DSC_145920131016-DSC_1464

I read about this place last year, but I am far too exhausted right now and know far too little about this place to comment about the “cupcake divide.”  Anyway, we took a walk there this afternoon to see some of the neighborhood and stretch our legs. There were people walking everywhere, which is certainly very different from our neighborhood in Pretoria. It definitely feels safer here.

There are very few street names, so I am going to have to figure out how to explain where I live. A new challenge!

Here is our street:


And the house:


That’s all for now!

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