Quality time

We visited Grandma at the Embassy yesterday, mostly to show off the baby to her colleagues. After our visit, we went out for lunch at a nearby restaurant, and enjoyed the beautiful sunny weather. It was a rainy week in Rome, and though we tried to find indoor activities such as playing with legos and going to the Museo Civico di Zoologia, there’s only so much one can take of building towers and looking at stuffed birds.

Several of my mom’s colleagues asked whether Charlotte was jealous of her baby sister. I had to say that honestly, she has never shown any signs of jealousy at all. I explained that Charlotte spends more time with me now than she ever did before I had Willa, so it wouldn’t make sense for her to feel like Willa is getting too much of my attention. Charlotte is probably thrilled to get any time with me during the week. It’s not as if I ever worked extremely long hours, but we were always very committed to an early bedtime for Charlotte because it keeps her rested. So even if we got home from work before 5:30, we only had about 90 minutes per day to spend with her. Weekends were always family time, but when I was pregnant, I spent most of my time sick in bed while Dan took on 99% of the parenting duties. Willa’s arrival meant that I had my health and energy back, and I don’t think Charlotte minds that I have to nurse Willa so often, because at least I am home. Another reminder that we are really lucky to have so much time together right now.

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