Ethiopian Feast

Our neighbor called this morning to wish us a Merry Christmas. I mentioned that Willa and I weren’t feeling great, and that we were going to stay in our pajamas all day and just relax. She wished us well and said she would stop by later to drop off something for us.

We mostly stayed in the living room today, listening to Christmas music and watching the girls play. Poor Willa isn’t reacting well to her antibiotics so she’s been a bit fussy. I never did change out of my pajamas. When we finished our Skype conversation with my parents it was already 5:45, just an hour until bedtime. I’d defrosted a chicken and had planned to make mashed potatoes and roasted veggies, but decided I just didn’t feel like making dinner after all. Dan was about to make nachos for Christmas dinner when the phone rang. Our neighbors were by the gate, could we come let them in? There they were, with two big bags full of food. The brought lasagna and chicken from a restaurant, plus a ton of homemade Ethiopian food. Shiro with injera and all the usual sides. We ate like kings. The girls went to bed, and now we’re watching “It’s a Wonderful Life.” Considering we’re far from home and not feeling great, it turned out to be a really nice and memorable Christmas. 20131225-DSC_1024

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