A Quiet Moment

I’m sorry I haven’t been updating the blog. The past month was… eventful, but mostly in my own head. As Willa’s birthday approached (it’s TOMORROW!) I started to feel like I should have a plan for going back to work, or at least earning an income. (And no, I don’t judge anyone who doesn’t want to go back to work. It’s just what I feel most comfortable doing.) I wanted flexibility, I wanted a decent salary, and I wanted to focus on doing things I actually enjoy. And I’m happy to say I found all three things in my first consulting client. Now I can relax, right? Oh wait–now I have to work. Okay then.

Today I realized I haven’t taken any photos for pleasure in a while. I’ve been doing it for others, but have really been neglecting my online study group and my own personal study. So I went out to the garden to take photos of the flowers and plants. Trying to keep a camera steady while holding a fussy toddler (she’s been sick for a week) is not easy, but I’m posting these anyway. Good enough is the new perfect. 20140325-DSC_0229













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