Exciting news

Okay, I tricked you. There is no exciting news. Just run-of-the-mill news and I felt like updating the blog while the baby is sleeping.

We have two cats living around our house who come to stare at us sometimes when we’re outside in the yard. (They also walked into the kitchen the other day and then freaked out when they realized there were people inside.) I think they might belong to a neighbor because they look well-fed. But that could also just be due to rats and mice. I’m not sure how to proceed from here. If there will be cats around, I want to make sure they are healthy and have all their shots. But that would mean somehow capturing them and right now they won’t come close to us. I don’t think I want to experiment with feeding them to gain their trust. Any ideas?

20131106-DSC_0632In other news… just a few days ago, I wrote that Willa was “pretty mobile.” By that, I meant she could crawl backwards and scoot forwards, but slowly. Now she is crawling everywhere! It all happens so quickly. (Although this time around I didn’t find myself googling “4-month-old crawling abnormal” and I highly doubt I will again have to google “8-month-old walking how is it possible.”)


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