Room to Play

I am still unpacking boxes (how do you do this with two kids to take care of? I can’t wait until Charlotte starts school on Friday), but I made the office/playroom my first priority so that we could have somewhere to hang out inside the house. We are really lucky to have a large house with extra space. At first I was going to make the office into a guest room since it also has a bathroom next to it, but then I realized we will probably only have guests maybe twice while we’re here. We can always put a bed in there for the rare occasion that we need it.



They are really happy to have a contained space where they can have all their toys out at once. And it’s nice for me to be able to work on an email or blog post (I might get one paragraph written every few hours, but it’s something!), or edit photos while they are occupied with toys right next to me. I am surprised at how much they actually play together already. Willa is naturally more interested in chewing on things, but Charlotte makes a huge effort to involve Willa in everything she does.

Charlotte loves to “do yoga” and Willa is pretty mobile now. It’s fun to watch.






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