It’s my party…

This morning… 

Me: Charlotte, guess what? Today is my birthday. 

Charlotte: Mama, you already had a birthday party. In Italy. Remember? 

Okay, then!

Facebook is all buggy and isn’t letting people post to my wall. Gmail appears to be down at the moment. The cell phone network is busy so I can’t call anyone, and the girls are grumpy because they missed naps while we were at the Embassy getting an orientation this morning. So I’m feeling a bit isolated today. Waahhhh!

Today is also our 7-year wedding anniversary, but I will post about that later when I have some time (i.e., when the girls are in bed). For now, I just want to say, I miss my sister and my other bridesmaids very much. You guys are the best. (I also miss a lot of other people–but today I am thinking mostly about our wedding!)

Can you believe it’s been seven years?

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