Growing up

I was starting to feel like I would never have a moment to myself again, and then Willa changed overnight. Suddenly, she can sit up without help, and she even stays entertained by herself if I put toys in front of her. I know she will be mobile soon and I will have to run around after her, but eventually a new phase will arrive and I will be able to trust her to be on her own for short periods of time. Charlotte has already become quite self-sufficient, getting dressed and going to the bathroom by herself (most of the time).

When I see Willa growing up before my eyes, it is a reminder to enjoy these tiring days as much as I can. There are days when I am so exhausted and I long for a time when I will be able to leave the house and go for a walk by myself. But I don’t want to wish away their childhood. One day soon, I will look back and wonder how it all went by so quickly.


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One Thought to “Growing up”

  1. Edie

    It is so nice that you realize how fast this goes…….the years fly by (it is just the days that take forever)

    We love you guys

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