Timket Procession

The Ethiopian Orthodox Church celebrated Epiphany (Timket) on Sunday. Each year on the eve of Timket, the Ark of the Covenant is brought out of the church and carried by priests in a long procession. We walked down to the nearby cathedral to see the parade on Saturday night and were not disappointed. It was a joyful, musical celebration and there were people from all walks of life there to witness it. Things like this make me so grateful to live in a fascinating city like Addis Ababa. It was also a great opportunity to practice photography. In fact, everyone I photographed smiled at me when they saw the camera. 20140118-DSC_0072 20140118-DSC_0086 20140118-DSC_0145 20140118-DSC_0159 20140118-DSC_0169 20140118-DSC_0186 20140118-DSC_0189

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