Water Babies

Addis Ababa must have the best weather in the world (if you don’t count the rainy season, which we haven’t experienced yet). Winter in Addis is kind of like Michigan in the summer. Blue skies, a cool breeze and warm sun. It’s about 75 degrees Fahrenheit every day.

We spent the day at the Embassy. The pool there is usually pretty empty, probably because it’s chilly out in the morning. But we were there around noon, and the sun had warmed up the water quite a bit.  I was surprised at how nice it felt. When the cold mountain breezes started to pick up, we got cold and decided to get out. But while there was plenty of sun and no wind, the pool felt perfect to us. It was like being on vacation. And we had the whole place to ourselves.IMG_1127

IMG_1147Willa LOVES the water. She gets so excited whenever it’s bath time–she kicks her legs and starts squealing. At the pool she was just all smiles today. Nothing makes her happier than being in the water.

Charlotte is a little scared of the pool and always has been. We thought about starting swimming lessons last summer but never got around to it. Bad parents! I tried to give her a little swimming lesson today, but she wouldn’t really listen to me so I decided to sign her up for lessons. She starts next week.

We did a couple of laps around the compound with the double stroller to make our pedometers happy. There is also a nice playground and a small cafe where you can order sandwiches and stir fry. I really enjoy sitting there, enjoying the fresh air (it’s 1,000 feet higher altitude than our house). It’s like a little bit of America in Addis, and sometimes it is refreshing to “get away.” IMG_1161


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