Eight Beautiful Months

Our Willa is 8 months old today!


Willa loves to jump in the jumperoo, ride in the stroller, and crawl around the house.


She still hates the car (ever since birth!) and cries every time we try to take her anywhere.


She babbles a lot: dadadadada when she’s ready to get up in the morning, mamamamama when she wants comfort, bababa and tatata and nanana occasionally, too.


She is finally eating solids, but we’re sticking to rice cereal, bananas, and squash for now. Those are the only foods she likes and her stomach tolerates well. She still loves to nurse.



She weighed in at almost 20 pounds today.


Above all else, she adores her big sister and loves to play with her. Luckily, Charlotte usually likes to play with her, too.


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